We build and support commodity, energy and carbon business information systems

University of Sheffield Enterprise

Energy Systems is a management consultancy working out of the University of Sheffield enterprise centre that helps businesses manage their energy and carbon impact with better information and communication systems, risk management software and market intelligence.

How can information systems and market intelligence help manage your energy and carbon impact?

Better and more timely information and analysis helps you make better and quicker decisions.

Companies that can process information and data quickly and evaluate the impact on their business have a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Having the right collection of systems and capabilities makes you more effective and able to make decisions to reduce energy costs and lower your carbon impact.

We help you select and implement systems or make your existing systems work better together.

We also develop our own software solutions for niche applications such as Energy and Commodity Trading and Risk Management and complex data and bill analysis.

We are specialists in Energy Technology (EnerTech) systems. Your EnerTech stack is the collection of systems that helps you manage your energy usage and cost better.

For example, technologies that make up an EnerTech stack include software or processes for:

  • Energy budgets and accounting systems
  • Energy risk management systems
  • Energy metering databases
  • Building energy management systems (BEMS)
  • Energy usage analytics software
  • Invoice management and validation

Who do we work with?

We work with Finance, Operations, Procurement and Energy Managers responsible for budgets of £500,000 - £50m per year on energy and commodities that want greater control over their spend.

We also provide white labelled software and service support for brokers and third party intermediaries (TPIs) with a commercial and industrial customer base.

What are the benefits of working with us?

We have experienced industry professionals and development teams that bring cutting edge analytical and programming capability to support you in managing your costs from global energy markets. In particular we can provide the following benefits:

  • Information systems audit to identify current capabilities and gaps
  • Data retrieval, cleansing and packaging for analysis
  • Historical and ongoing bill validation services
  • Evaluation of pricing and contract offers
  • Management, reporting and benchmarking of trade positions
  • Ongoing usage, forecasting and cost analysis
  • Training and support for analysts
  • White labelled daily, weekly and monthly market reports with automated social media updates

For more information and to discuss your needs please contact us.